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How to Sign up on, it's totally free.

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

In this Article we are talking about how to sign for your free Wix account.

1.Got to and go to the sign up page

  • When you got to Wix sign up page you will be able to see a page like below for Signing up Wix offer you 3 methods 1. You can Sign up with your email. 2.Sign up with your Facebook account. 3.You can also sign up with your Google credentials.

2. After you choose your method by filling up the form or with Facebook, Google accounts click sign up and you are all set and Wix will create you a free account to get started.

You can create free Wix accounts as many as you want if necessary but creating one account is enough to build unlimited websites.

Sign up made easier on, How to Sign up Wix, Wix Sign up methods

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