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Introducing you to the super responsive website builder Editor X no coding required.

Editor-X was originally introduced from for Designers and web agencies for responsive design purposes. Editor-X was launched in February 2020 as a fully responsive website creation CMS(Content Management System) platform without coding. Editor-X allows you to design complex fully responsive web designs for all screen sizes. if you are looking for a website builder which allows your creativity level to take on to the next level Editor-X is the most popular website creation platform these days. From Editor-X you will quickly learn that you got various options for a wide variety of your needs of designing purposes as is the visual appearance of the website is important for the visitor's trust and confidence level of your business or you as a service provider.

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Learn Advanced Design Features in Editor-X

Grid Layouting and Custom Breakpoints

Grid Layout is a layout system based on CSS grid it allows you to create your own layout grids and breakpoints of the specific content on each grid which responsively behave on all screen sizes.


From the docking feature, you can dock or anchor your content onto a specific position when the viewports change on the different screens.


The benefit of this feature is you can select multiple content elements and stack them together and keep margins, paddings between the content so they won't overlap this feature is very useful on responsive.

Scalable Texts

The text, you are using for the website design can be made scalable for example if you used a large H1 on the hero there is a question that if the title is gonna look larger for small size desktop screens from the text scaling feature you can set a range of font sizes so with the scaling on the screen size also scale down the font size of the H1 automatically.

Set flexible Canvas Sizes Manually

This feature allows you to set and see how the website is going to look like on different viewports so you don't have to see it on actual devices every time on inspect element option.

Advanced Sizing control

From this feature, you can set your regarding element to stay fixed or Behave Fluid with the screen Sizes.

Introduction to the basics of Editor-X

As it is on the regular web builder you can get started for free with Editor-X so you can upgrade your website plan to a premium when you need to connect your own domain or for advanced business features, you need to Check out for Premium Plans here. Editor X comes with English as the primary language so everyone can Explore it easier. You can get started from scratch or you can hire a Wix Laboratory partner for your design project or assistance, get inspired or there are prebuilt templates that may suites you on the template gallery.

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