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Embed widget or a website with few steps on

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

In this article, you are able to learn how to embed (attach) external web applications, websites, and widgets in few easy steps.

In your Wix website editor you are able to see a (+) add button to the left which gives you the ability to add texts, images, embed, etc,.. click embed and select the element type you want to embed on the site (Widget/App/Website).

1.Embed a Widget

Create an embed iframe widget by selecting the (Embed a Widget) option once the HTML widget is created on your editor click on edit code to add your html iframe code or the direct link address.

If you are doing this by HTML code it has to be similar to the given example <iframesrc="demo.html"name="myFrame"></iframe>

Once you add the code if necessary you can customize the code styles to adjust the proportions of the iframe borders etc,.

<framesrc="demo-page.html"name="myFrame" width="100%" height="300" style="border:none;">


2.Embed a External Website

Select Embed a Site option from the list and add a embed html element to your relevant page

once you done that you are able to see a html iframe on the site like this

Once its one the page you can click on enter website address button and choose a one of the following methods from the given below.

  • Website Address

  • Code

Website Address

If you selected ( Website Address) you can insert your https:// website link on the what's the website address field and apply.


If you chooses ( Code ) you can embed your website by inserting your html code something similar to this <iframesrc="demo-page.html"name="myFrame"></iframe>

Remember your iframe src (source) has to be https://

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